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Christmas Snowmen Earrings
Christmas Snowmen Earrings Christmas Snowmen Earrings 
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#CSE Christmas Snowmen Earrings

Christmas Snowmen Earrings Swarovski Austrian Crystal and Sterling Silver

From Wiki:


Snow becomes suitable for packing when in approaches its melting point and becomes moist and compact. This allows for the construction of a large snowball by simply rolling it, until it grows the desired size. If the snow ball reaches the bottom of the grass it may tear up some grass, gravel, dirt etc. Making a snowman out of powdered snow is difficult since it will not stick to itself, and if the temperature of packing snow drops, it will form an unusable denser form of powdered snow called crust. Thus the best time to build a snowman is usually in the next warmest afternoon directly following a snowfall with a sufficient amount of snow. In Europe and North America, snowmen are built with three spheres depicting the head, torso, and lower body.

The usual practice is to then dress the snowman, usually with rocks, coal, sticks, and vegetables. Carrots or cherries are often used for the nose, as are sticks for arms and stones for eyes (traditionally lumps of coal). Some like to dress their snowmen in clothing (scarves, jackets, hats). Others prefer not to risk leaving supplies out doors where they could easily be stolen or become stuck under melting ice. There are variations to these standard forms. These other types range from snow columns to elaborate snow sculptures (similar to ice sculptures).

Snowmen are usually built with two spheres in East Asia. In Japan, they are called yuki daruma (雪だるま yuki daruma?) after the round shape of the Daruma doll.

Your Swarovski Austrian Crystal Christmas Snowmen earrings will be custom made for YOU and the pictures are only samples.

  • Christmas Snowmen Earrings are made with Swarovski Austrian Crystals, Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Plated Rhinestone Rondelles, Sterling Silver Seamless Beads and Sterling Silver Ear Wires (ear wire styles vary and are not guaranteed to be just like the picture).
  • Color choices available are Light Siam AB (Red) or White Opal AB (White).

  • If you need this seasonal jewelry in a hurry (I can't make guarantees for Christmas delivery for orders made after December 3rd), make sure and upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority Mail.


Snowmen Body Color:

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